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Using the Printer

How many copies do I have?


You can install the printer (in the library) by

  1. downloading this package and installing it (doubleclick) and then
  2. following the steps in this PDF.


The driver can be downloaded here.
Here is a manual in German only (if you don't know German ask a nice German person of your choice to help you translate or try to follow the pictures...)

Den Treiber gibt es hier.
Die Anleitung zum Installieren ist hier.


click here

Other Libraries

Squires Library

To access Squires Library you need a username and password, those you will see after you login here at the ETS Library. If you do not have a username and password for this library, please contact Otniel Pesel.
This is the link from the Lee library webpage with the tutorials available for our students on how to access the Squires library.

Video Tutorials

Dixon Research Center

In regard to the digital collections of the Dixon Research Center (also referred to as the research center, the DRC, or the Pentecostal research center) which serves as the archives for the Church of God and many things Pentecostal, here is the page link:

Dixon Research Center

Video Tutorial

Language Resources


Greek Typewriter


Hebrew Typewriter

Data Protection

To see the our data protection policy, please click here


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